Arete {ah-reh-tay}:

An ancient Greek concept for “the pursuit of excellence.”

Arete Solutions

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We are a disciplined and diverse team of industry experts committed to helping our clients make excellent risk-based decisions. We are a VA-certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that produces tangible results and exceeds expectations.

Arete Solutions

What We Do

We advise and support healthcare, government, and other critical infrastructure sector leaders on information security & privacy Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.  Our Consultants and Analysts perform assessments; document and deliver plans, policies, standards and procedures; manage and staff technical programs; and resell enterprise hardware and software tools.

Arete Solutions

Client Journey

Client Testimonials

Tony Lakin

CISO, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

“Arete Solutions’ cybersecurity “Risk Management as a Service” integrated seamlessly into Moffitt Cancer Center’s operations with a remarkable degree of flexibility and professionalism.  They provided top-notch consultants that developed our GRC strategy, policies, and procedures; managed and staffed the Analyst team responsible for conducting Third Party Vendor and Enterprise Risk Assessments; and saved us money on enterprise software licensing.  Their straightforward approach began delivering tangible value for Moffitt seven weeks ahead of schedule, and it’s clear that the Arete Solutions team puts our success first.  Thank you for the partnership!”

Dr. Pablo Breuer

CISO, Helm Services (a subsidiary of Stripe)

“Dan and the Arete Solutions team partnered with us to advance and mature our cyber security capabilities in the midst of an evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape in the financial sector.  Dan seamlessly integrated into our leadership team, providing valuable industry expertise and practical solutions that helped us achieve our goals: control costs, shorten time to value, achieve compliance, and reduce risk.  Fantastic perspective, tangible results – thank you for the partnership!”

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Daniel Macias

Corporate Infrastructure Security, Segment

“Our Arete Solutions Advisor is a cybersecurity professional who has been a true extension of my team on our Zero Trust journey.  Arete Solutions is a trusted strategic partner that not only makes the market research, evaluation, and buying process easier, but negotiates licenses and services with the vendors on our behalf.  Their efforts have saved our team countless hours and an average of 15% on each tool we’ve purchased through them.”

Raymond Sirota

Head of IT, Helm Services (a subsidiary of Stripe)

“Dan quickly earned our trust and proved a valuable extension of our leadership team. His perspective helped inform our strategic priorities and roadmap, and he expertly managed the vendor evaluation and buying process which saved us considerable time and money. It truly felt like he wanted what was best for our company, and I highly recommend working with Arete Solutions.”

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Why GRC? 

Governance and Compliance capture and reflect the mission, internal and external requirements, and culture of the organization, while Risk Management ultimately enables prioritization of limited resources. Together, they form the "second line of defense": the family of structured, deliberate processes that inform how leaders make risk-based decisions.

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What is GRC? 

Also known as Information or Security Assurance, these processes are used to:
1) Frame regulatory, statutory, contractual, and internal requirements.
2) Assess risks against those requirements and the organizational risk tolerance.
3) Inform and prioritize risk response decisions.  
4) Continually monitor and communicate threats, vulnerabilities, governance and compliance.

Zero Trust

Your Journey

GRC Programs require dedicated people, processes, and tools to frame, assess, respond, and continually monitor cybersecurity risks across the organization, and these duties should be separated from IT & Security Operations. Collaboration and adaptability are key - it takes clear communication and consistent effort over time to transform a culture.

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